Erin & Jason’s Engagement Session | Canmore Alberta

When is the big day? September 9th, 2017

How did you meet?

Erin: We swiped right..Jason asked me for coffee and we ended up walking around talking for a few hours.
Jason: It was a right swipe and a long coffee date that got me hooked on her. 

When you first met what did you notice first?

Erin: His dimples and confidence. I still admire them both all the time.
Jason: She was the smartest girl I had ever met. Her quick wit and fun personality followed and I couldn’t get enough. 

How did he propose?

Erin: He planned a snowshoe trip to troll falls. It was during a blizzard and after almost crashing and seeing 40 cars in the ditch I was confused by his determination to make it to the hike. When we got there there was no snow so we ended up walking to the falls. At the top he got down on one knee and completely surprised me.

Jason: We braved a perilous drive of ice and snow, through countless car wrecks on the highway to get to a snowshoe trail. Then I realized I forgot her snow boots. After a slippery walk to troll falls I was able to surprise her by getting down on my knee and asking her to marry me. 

Favourite thing about each other?

Erin: His kindness. I’ve never met someone as kind as Jason. He is always thinking of everyone but himself and it makes me want to be a better person myself. 
Jason: The way she looks at me after I playfully annoy her. 

If you could give one word to describe each other what would that word be?

Erin: Silly. He’s always making me laugh or trying to embarrass me. Don’t tell him I like it though. 
Jason: Caring

Your idea of a perfect date?

Erin: Going for a bike ride in Canmore,  a nice dinner, and some dominos and prosecco to end the night.
Jason: A wonderful patio dinner with wine. Followed by drinks and dancing as the sun sets.

What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day?

Erin: Having fun with all our family & friends and being able to start our life together as The Trouts
Jason: Seeing her in the dress for the first time…. and calling her my wife.