Kristin & Shaun’s Engagement Session – Love & Motorcycles

This is definitely a wedding we can’t wait for!! I know these two are looking bad ass in the motorcycle images but they are honestly the sweetest couple in the WORLD!! She adores hime and he is absolutely smitten over her. When you ready how he proposed to her your toes will curl!! Kristin & Shaun we are so excited to see your gorgeous faces again!! xoxo

When is the big day?
October 9, 2016

How did you meet?
We met in high school, grade 11. Shaun had turned around and introduced himself in math class. I thought he was weird, but then we became best friends!

When you first met what did you notice first?
Kristin: I first noticed his eyes. He has the most gorgeous eyes.
Shaun: I first noticed her smile.

How did he propose?
On September 25. 2015, we had plans to go for coffee before work. But it ended up he had to go help his dad while his mom asked me to go grocery shopping at 8 in the morning, I thought it was very strange! Anyways i rolled out of bed, put my hair up and got into the car to go grocery shopping. As I was driving with his mom, she started to slow down on the highway. I was confused as the speed limit is 110, but his mom had said that she felt the car was doing something funny. As she pulled off to the side, I was about to get out to check the tires when I looked up and saw , a huge sign saying “Kristin will you marry me? ” it was being held by some of our closest friends, on a train bridge overtop of the highway. It was so special.

Favourite thing about each other?
Kristin: His ability to make me laugh and mad at the same time. He’s always making my life interesting.
Shaun: I love her facial expressions and her ability to be cute, when I am mad and totally change the situation

If you could give one word to describe each other what would that word be?
Kristin: Determined
Shaun: Go-getter

Your idea of a perfect date?
Riding the bike on a nice day, to the coffee shop and sitting outside while we talk.

What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day?
Kristin: seeing him for the first time, knowing that it’s finally the day I marry the love of my life.
Shaun: seeing her walk down the isle and having her take my breath away

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