Julia & Brett’s Engagement Session – Kananaskis Country

Julia & Brett are just so much fun to spend time with. They are always smiling and laughing with us and each other. They most definitely have an amazing connection not to mention an enormous amount of respect for one another. I know for a fact that their wedding day is going to be full of love and laughter and I can’t wait to see these two tie the knot!! Here are a few words from our love birds!!

When is the big day? July 16th, 2016

How did you meet?

Julia: High school Dance – the first dance of the year. I was brand new to the school and had seen Brett in passing. I had asked a new friend of mine about him and she told me all about him, well before he even knew who I was. Once we were at the dance, that same friend said she was going to ask Brett to dance with me. All awkward, I stood there while i heard her say “Will you dance with Julia?” to which he replied, “Who’s Julia?” After she pointed me out to him, he agreed to dance with me. I remember thinking that he smelled so incredible. That was the first place we ever met.

Brett: Julia and I first met at a high school dance in Swift Current, Saskatchewan (Sept 2003). Her friend, Renee, had come and asked me if I would dance with Julia but I didn’t know who she was! Renee told me that Julia was the “new girl” and I agreed to dance with her. However, we had played a football game the day before and I had severely sprained my ankle and could barely walk. Fortunately, she didn’t notice and our first dance to “Breathe” by Faith Hill was great. However, for the rest of the night my friend Andrew kept motioning to her and saying “that girl likes you,” to the point where he almost kicked her once!

When you first met what did you notice first?

Julia: His beautiful blue eyes. And how incredible he smelled!
Brett: Her eyes and her smile.

How did he propose?
In November 2014, during a trip to Alberta to visit friends and family, we took a trip out to Lake Louise, our very favourite spot in the whole world. After a romantic walk out on the frozen lake, Brett got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. The snow was softly falling like a snow globe and it was so perfectly quiet that the moment felt like a dream.

Favourite thing about each other?

Julia: Brett is easily the most selflessness person that I know. I also admire his determination and drive.

Brett: Her unparalleled drive and determination.

If you could give one word to describe each other what would that word be?

Julia: Incredible – in everything he is and does, he’s incredible.
Brett: Beautiful (inside and out).

Your idea of a perfect date?
Julia: Dinner out at a nice restaurant followed by a long walk with our dog
Brett: Dinner our at the Keg followed by a quiet night in watching movies with our dog

What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day?
Julia: Saying our vows, in front of all our closest family and friends, and vowing to spend the rest of our lives together.
Brett: The first time I see her in her wedding dress.

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